What You Get

Subscribers to the Masterful Kids service can enjoy a wide range of features to help nurture their child's emotional intelligence which will make them happier and more successful. Our service deals with a range of "segments" or "programs" - topics that children have to deal with in their daily lives. At the moment, we currently offer ten segments:

  • I Can Relax
  • I Can Handle Difficult People
  • I Can Be Happy
  • I Can Be Positive
  • I Can Achieve Goals
  • I Understand My Feelings
  • I Can Be Grateful
  • I Can Feel Special
  • I Can Learn from My Mistakes
  • I Can Be Healthy Through Excercise

Within each segment, we have several value-added features (see note below)

  1. A video dealing with the topical issues of the segment. Each video has separate overviews for parent and child as well as separate tips for each. The videos feature kids like yours, talking about how they work through the issues raised in the segment. It also features teens that have mastered these trying times. In short, it is kids, not adults, talking to your kids.
  2. A daily journal, where your child can log their thoughts and activities which we recommend to strengthen their emotional intelligence. As we believe that emotional intelligence can be strengthened by repeating good habits, the journals will encourage your child to take stock each day of their individual progress. Writing things down makes it happen sooner, and begins to turn the discipline into good habits.
  3. A Kids' Opinion, which will allow kids to offer their thoughts on effective strategies for dealing with challenging situations. Also, children can ask questions on issues that bother them.
  4. A Parents' Forum, which will be a resource for parents to pose questions and share information on coping strategies for their children's problems and issues. This will help parents to know they are not alone in the difficulties their children face today.
  5. A weekly blog, where Robin will discuss different topics of relevance to your child's everyday life. It will be insightful and thought provoking.

In addition to the segment-specific features, the Masterful Kids service also provides a bibliography of resources that we've used to develop our materials, and which parents may find useful for their own reference or research.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and that of your child. The design of our service and our privacy guidelines are consistent with the Children's On-Line Privacy Protection Act of 1998 "COPPA." Click here for more information about COPPA

It is our intent and commitment to continuously update our materials and expand the range of topical issues covered. Several additional programs are currently in development. Freshness and timeliness with current events and time of the year are key ingredients to our offering.

Our goal is the success and happiness of your children. We hope that this range of benefits encourages you and your child to subscribe to this service. Given the uniqueness of this offering and the importance to your child's future, we can't see how you can go wrong.

Thank you for considering Masterful Kids.

Robin and Randy Schafer

Note: There may be instances where not all features are available as we develop fresh segments.

Last updated December 19, 2005.

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