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Everyone has a special interest or talent that should make them feel good about themselves. These interests or talents should be developed, especially if they make you feel good about yourself. The Specialness Journal will help you recognize what makes you special, and encourage you to develop those things so you continue to feel good about yourself.

To begin, think about what your special interests and talents are. Use the My Specialness List tab to list these. What are the things you like to do and do particularly well or different from most people? What are your unique interests? List them on the Specialness List tab. When you list your special interests or talents, also write why you know you are good at them, and how you will continue to develop these interests.

Each day, take a few moments and write about what you did, and how you felt about it.

At the end of each month, look back over your Daily Journal for the past month. Think your special interests and talents, what you did during the month, how you felt each day, and what you want to do in the coming month.

So lets get started!

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