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One of the most important things in life is to find activities that will get you away from stress for short periods of time. These activities are not meant to continuously distract you. On the contrary, relaxation will only help you be more effective at meeting your goals, be happier and more fun to be around! The Relaxation Journal will help ensure you are finding the time to do the things that break up stressful periods and let you catch your breath.

To get started, use the Stress List tab to list the things which usually cause you stress. Then, list the things you like to do to relax.

Over the course of each month, take a few minutes each day to write in the Daily Journal tab about the things that gave you stress that day. Also list the things you did which helped ease the stress. Did you do enough things to provide relaxation? Did it help? Did you even find a few minutes to relax?

At the end of each month, look back and see if you managed to find a few moments each day to break up the stress, relax and have some fun. Use the Monthly Conclusion tab to do this.

Good luck with this journal, and make sure you find some time for yourself. Have some fun and lets get started now!

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