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Your beliefs create the type of outcome you will have. Positive thinking brings about a feeling of happiness and allows you to accomplish more goals. The Positive Thoughts Journal will help to make positive thinking a habit. Good habits represented by positive thinking will replace bad habits, represented by negative thinking.

To begin, use the Positive Thoughts List tab to list some of the things you have to be positive about. It could be a person, an accomplishment, a belief – anything.

Each day, use the Daily Journal tab to write down any positive thoughts or feelings you had that day. Afterwards, list some of the negative thoughts you had. Take a moment for each negative thought, and think about it in a different way. For example, if you didn’t do well on a math class, your negative thought might be, “I am not good in math.” A positive thought would be, “I know that with more studying, I can do better next time.”

At the end of each month, use the Month Conclusion tab to look back on your positive thoughts. Do you see any patterns? What are the most frequent positive thoughts you have? When do you get these thoughts? Click on the “Go to Monthly Negative Thoughts” and do the same for your negative thoughts.

Strengthen the positive thoughts you have by reading these over again. As you do this, confirm your commitment to positive thinking and see the wonderful benefits that will develop for you as a result of writing daily in the journal. Now turn the page and enter into this wonderful journey!

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