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We all have much to be thankful for. Unfortunately, many of us take for granted our health, family and friends, material belongings and talents we have been blessed with. The Gratitude Journal will help you realize all that you do have to be thankful for.

To begin, use the Gratitude List tab to think about up to ten things you have to be grateful for. Each day, think about this again write down what you think you have to be grateful for and what happened that day to make you feel that way. Donít simply copy from the prior dayís writing or from the Gratitude list, give a few moments of thought. We have given you room to write about three things.

At the end of each month, read through the Daily Journal pages and reflect again on this. What appears most often on the list? Use the Month Conclusion tab to write about the things that really happen a lot.

Do you have a lot to be grateful for? You probably have more to be grateful for than you realize. You will see yourself appreciating the things in your life more.

So turn the page and letís get started!

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