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Researchers have discovered that emotional intelligence , the ability to understand and manage your emotions is more important than intelligence in determining success and happiness. To first develop emotional intelligence, you have to become aware of your feelings, what causes them and how to control them. The more you understand about the different emotions you feel, the better you will be able to understand how others feel as well. The Feelings Journal will help with this wonderful journey in learning the relationship between how you handle emotions and your reactions.

To begin, use the My Feelings List tab to look at a range of feelings we sometimes experience. There are eight such feelings.If a feeling you experience is missing put it in. You also might experience two feelings at the same time; write this down too. Take a moment or two to write some of the things which cause you to have each feeling.

Then, each day, use the Daily Journal tab to think about a couple of different emotions you felt that day (you will see the list of emotions on the screen). What caused that feeling? How did you express your feelings to others? Did you have the right reaction? For example, if you felt sad on a particular day, was the cause for your sadness right? How did you express your sadness, did you cry for ten minutes, or did you feel down the rest of the day? Did you overreact? Did you feel sad for a good reason?

At the end of each month, look back over the Daily Journal pages for the month. For each of the eight emotions, did you experience that emotion too often, not enough, or just about right? Record this on the Month Conclusion tab.

Every day, try to make a point to write in your journal. Now lets get started with this journey into your own feelings!

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