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It has been long-known that exercise and eating right are great ways to live a long, healthy life. Doctors are now learning that exercise can be helpful in fighting sadness and stress. When you exercise, body chemicals are released in your brain which can make you feel happy. And also help you focus better, which will help in school and other activities you enjoy. The Exercise Journal is intended to help you keep track of how often you exercise.

To get started, use the Exercise List tab to list the forms of exercise you enjoy on a regular basis even if only done at certain times of the year (for example, swimming in the summer). Then, each day, use the Daily Journal tab to note the types of exercise you did that day what did you do, for how long, where did you do it, and how did you feel afterwards.

At the end of each month, look back at the entries in your Daily Journal tab. Use the Month Conclusion tab to write your thoughts.

Have fun with this journal challenge yourself, and find thirty minutes each day to exercise and see how much better you will feel.

So lets get started now on the path to a healthier life!

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