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Relating well with difficult people is a tough but important lesson to learn. If you can handle difficult people, you will be more successful and happier in life. Not everyone is going to be your friend but you still must learn what to say and how to act if you are confronted. This is a skill that can be learned.

The Difficult People Journal will help you to better see what approach works best with difficult people. To begin, think about the people that make you uncomfortable or create problems for you. What do they do to bother you? How often do they do this? Use the Difficult People List tab to collect your thoughts. Feel free to change this list from time to time.

Each day, think about one conversation you had with a person who bothered you. It might have been brief, or it could have been longer. What did they say? What did you say? How did you feel afterwards? Would you have done it differently if you could? Use the Daily Journal tab for this.

At the end of the month, think back about three such experiences again. Use the Month Conclusion tab.

By writing in the journal everyday you will be practicing skills and practice will make this skill a habit. It is important to understand that what works well with one person might not work with another.

Have fun with this journal and begin the journey of discovery!

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