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Welcome to the Masterful Kids website. It is important for parents and legal guardians (collectively referred to as "Parents") to understand our privacy policy, particularly as it relates to information about your children. Please take a moment to read and familiarize yourself with our privacy policy.

By using our products and services, you agree, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time.

Please note that the Masterful Kids website may contain links to other sites. Other web sites may have privacy policies which differ from that of the Masterful Kids website. Masterful Kids, LLC ("Masterful Kids") takes no responsibility for the content of these sites, and encourages its users to review the privacy policy of these sites.

Our Commitment To Privacy
We are committed to protecting your privacy and that of your child. Our privacy guidelines are consistent with the Children's On-Line Privacy Protection Act of 1998 "COPPA." Click here for more information about COPPA

Masterful Kids' Notice Regarding COPPA
Masterful Kids, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, provides notice to parents of children under 13 that:

  • Masterful Kids may collect personal information about children under 13 years of age in order to provide them with access to services and content on the Masterful Kids website;
  • Masterful Kids needs the consent of Parents to collect, use and disclose personally identifiable information about children under 13;
  • Masterful Kids has created a mechanism by which Parents can provide consent;
  • Masterful Kids does not require children under 13 to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation; and
  • Masterful Kids has created a mechanism by which Parents can, upon verification, review their children's personal information, have that information deleted, and refuse to allow any further collection or use of their children's personal information.

    If you have any questions about this Notice or about Masterful Kids' collection or maintenance of your child's personal information, please contact:

    Child Privacy Site Coordinator 
    Masterful Kids, LLC
    P.O. Box 6595
    East Brunswick, NJ 08816-6595
    (732) 238-6582

    Purpose of the Masterful Kids Web Site
    Masterful Kids is intended to provide children, primarily aged 8-13, with access to a series of on-line tools to help shape and grow their "Emotional Intelligence," generally defined as how well an individual understands and controls their emotions. Emotional Intelligence is a relatively new concept, but in recent years, leading academic thinkers have observed that Emotional Intelligence is a significant determinant of "life success" and happiness. See our Parents' Resources section for more information on research on Emotional Intelligence.

    How the Masterful Kids Web Site Works
    The site is a self-guided service with a variety of different "programs." A program is a topic of interest to the Masterful Kids community. Programs include (but are not limited to) things such as "dealing with difficult people," "being happy," "learning from mistakes," "feeling special," etc. Accompanying the programs is an on-line journal for each child to measure their own progress against their specific goals. Each program also has a Kids' Opinion section where children can ask questions or share their thoughts on a question. No attribution other than first name is provided in the Kids' Opinion section, and all such responses by children are screened by Masterful Kids editors that make every reasonable effort to prevent personal information from being included in the body of text submitted by a child.

    Access to the different parts of the site is controlled by our enrollment process. Parents set up a "Family Account," entering their own personal information. To set up a Family Account, a credit card must be used to verify that you are older than 18. Masterful Kids does not retain bankcard information used to establish the Family Account.

    Once Masterful Kids accepts and establishes the Family Account, Parents can then establish user IDs and passwords for their children. Masterful Kids has no part in enrolling children other than offering Parents the means to do so through its system. Masterful Kids does not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13 without a parent first signing up for a Family Account and consenting to the collection of such information. With separate types of user IDs, access to "Parents only" sections of the site is controlled by password. Parents, on the other hand, can use the user IDs and passwords they've given to their children to review, modify or delete things put on the site by their children.

    Parents retain the ability to modify and replace a child's user ID, password or account at any time.

    What Types of Personal Information Masterful Kids Actively Collects
    Certain personal information is needed for this site's content to work effectively. This includes information about the subscriber, and of course, information about the child using the site. Masterful Kids is designed to minimize the amount of personal information that is collected.

    • Personally Identifiable Information Collected from Parents: When you create a Family Account and register yourself and your child, you will be entering personal information about yourself and your child. Information collected from parents about themselves includes: name, address, telephone, e-mail address, credit card information and self-selected user ID and password. This information is used to establish the Family Account, enable validation of parents on inquiries and to perform the payment function in conjunction with service usage.

      Parents may also enter their e-mail address or user ID in the Feedback and Contact Us section. We will keep this information, along with the comment or question, in order for us to be able to reply to the user or prospective user. The user has the choice to omit this information, but is advised that we will not be able to respond if this information is omitted.

      Parents will also enter information about their children to personalize their child's account, including first name, gender and birthday.
    • Personally Identifiable Information Collected from Children: In using the Masterful Kids website, children will enter personal information in their daily journals. This information may include their personal inner thoughts and feelings, and will be stored in their journals should they so choose. This information will only be accessible by those with the appropriate child or parent level user ID and password.

      If your child contacts Masterful Kids through our "Feedback" or "Contact Us" features, we may keep a record of that correspondence and the e-mail address of the sender. If the user identifies himself or herself as a subscriber and does so with a user ID, Masterful Kids will also be provided with the e-mail address of the parent account which established that user ID. This information will only be used for us to reply to the correspondence.

      What Types of Personal Information Does Masterful Kids Passively Collect
      Masterful Kids does not currently use devices that passively collect personal information, for example, "cookies." Over time, Masterful Kids may modify this policy in order to track which web pages are visited, how often, and the typical duration of visits, etc. The intent is not to monitor individual users but to ensure that our service provides maximum value. Any changes in our policy will clearly be communicated with the relevant segments of the Masterful Kids user community.

      How Parents Can Register, Review, Edit and Delete Their Child's Personal Information
      A Parent must first register for a Masterful Kids parent user ID in order for a Parent to then register their child to use the services provided by the Masterful Kids web site. Masterful Kids does not knowingly permit the registration of children under the age of 13 without the verifiable consent of their Parent.

      • Register their child with the Masterful Kids web site and create their child's Masterful Kids user ID.
      • View, Edit and/or Delete any content or personal information entered by their child.
      • Modify their child's password.
      • Delete their child's user ID, thereby effectively terminating their child's access to the website.

        During the process of registering for a Masterful Kids parent user ID, a Parent must supply a valid credit card number to verify that the Parent is over 18 years of age. Currently, Masterful Kids has determined that credit card authorization is the most efficient and effective way for Masterful Kids to verify that those signing up for parent user IDs are adults. The credit card used for age verification purposes will not be charged.

        • How to View or Change a Child's Information: As Parents are the ones who set up and maintain their child's user ID on the site, they can always review and modify any personal data their child posts (including the journals). Any information that sits within their child's account profile or in any journal belonging to their child can be changed by the parent with the user ID that was used to create the information in the first place.

          For information that has already been posted on a blog or in Kids' Opinion, Parents may contact Masterful Kids and ask that the information be removed. Masterful Kids will comply with any Parent request where there is reasonable grounds to believe that their child's identity is discernible to other users of the service, or that information so posted, regardless of whether belonging to their child or not is potentially harmful to the children who use the Masterful Kids service.
        • How to Delete a Child's Masterful Kids Account: The simplest way to stop putting information on the site is to terminate the service. When you do so, all personal data established under a child's ID will be permanently removed from the site. To delete an account, simply contact Masterful Kids at the contact information provided. E-mail is the most efficient means to advise us of this request.

          Parents having any concerns about how their child works with the Masterful Kids service can choose to access the site with their child, controlling where the child goes on the site and types of information provided simply by working along side the child. Using the child's user ID may be appropriate, especially if a household has more than one child using the service. The parent can then choose whether to share with the child the child user ID and associated password.

          How Masterful Kids Uses Personal Information
          The Masterful Kids website provides an on-line journal service for children using the site. There are also Kids' Opinion sections of the Masterful Kids web site that allow children to ask questions or share their thoughts on a question. No attribution other than the child's first name is provided. Masterful Kids editors screen all such postings to Kids' Opinion before they actually appear on the site, and make every reasonable effort to remove personally identifiable information from text submitted by children before posting.

          Masterful Kids may collect and use personal information from children to personalize the service that Masterful Kids provides to them. This may include features such as sending birthday greetings.

          Masterful Kids may conduct contests from time to time, such as answering trivia questions, frequency of log-in, etc. To run these contests, Masterful Kids may collect and retain data related to the contests. To the extent that contest eligibility is based upon appropriate usage of the journals, staff members of the Masterful Kids organization may review the journals of the prospective winners to ensure that they are legitimately using the tool and not "gaming" the contest.

          Additionally, Masterful Kids may use the information for in-house, analytical purposes, but will only do so after first extracting data without attribution to specific individuals.

          Information may also be used for general marketing and promotional purposes. This means that any materials throughout the site may be used to promote the service to non-subscribers, however any information used for these purposes will not be in identifiable form. Information will not be used to sell or solicit interest from subscribers for Masterful Kids services, but instead be used to promote the service to non-subscribers.

          Parents are encouraged to tour the Masterful Kids web site with their children to help them understand how to get the most benefit from the service. Parents should also advise their children not to put information in the Kids' Opinion and blog sections which make their identity publicly known.

          At any time, a parent may review, edit or delete their child's personal information from the Masterful Kids website by following the instructions above.

          Disclosure of Personal Information
          Disclosure of Personal Information Collected from Parents: Masterful Kids discloses personal information collected from Parents to Chase Merchant Services for billing and credit card authorizing purposes. Personal information may also be disclosed to a company or person whose only role is to provide support for the internal operations of the website. Personal information will be shared with these organizations only to the extent necessary to support the website and effect payment for the service. Information given to these organizations will not be used for any other purpose.

          Disclosure of Personal Information Collected from Children: Masterful Kids does not share personal information collected from Children with third parties as defined by COPPA.

          How Masterful Kids Protects Your Information and Your Child's Information
          Your family's personal information will be protected under user ID and password access. As passwords are encrypted in a one-way fashion, passwords can only be reset and not retrieved from the system (this includes Masterful Kids staff as well). Only Parents will have the ability to reset a child's lost / forgotten password. Furthermore, parents will have the ability to reset their own password or retrieve a forgotten user ID by answering a few security questions.

          Masterful Kids makes every effort to protect the security of its data. This includes storing passwords in encrypted format. Additionally, the Masterful Kids' website is operated by an experienced vendor with industry standard anti-virus and anti-hacking technology such as passwords, firewalls and data encryption. Our vendor also provides strong physical security, including badge and biometric identification, video cameras, motion sensors, etc.

          Masterful Kids also utilizes confidentiality agreements where appropriate to protect personal information that may be viewable to technical contractors.

          Additional Measures That You Can Take to Protect Privacy
          First and foremost, do not share your parent-level user ID and password with your child or anyone that you do not want to have access to your personal information or that of your child. Similarly, Parents should instruct their children to not share their own user ID and password. At a parent's specific instruction, personal information, including access to a child's account, may be made available to therapists, counselors and/or similar counseling professionals.

          Additionally, while Masterful Kids will make its best efforts to screen all postings in the Kids' Opinion section of the site, children and parents alike should remember to not to put personal identifying information in the text of the blogs, Parents' Forum or Kids' Opinion sections.

          Teach your children that they should never reveal their names or other personal information to anyone they encounter on the Internet. They should also know not to fill out any forms or register at any web site without your knowledge and consent.

          Changes to this Privacy Policy
          Masterful Kids may change this privacy policy from time to time as conditions warrant. Any changes will be posted on the website immediately, and Parents will be notified using the e-mail address they have established in their user ID's profile. New changes will be posted in blue for a period of thirty days.

          Do You Have Any Questions or Concerns?
          Any questions or concerns can be communicated to Masterful Kids via the Feedback or Contact Us section, or by e-mailing us at

          Last updated June 8, 2006.