Benefits for Parents

You and your kids have so much to gain and so little to lose from your involvement with the Masterful Kids program. Among the benefits your family will realize from our various programs are:

  1. A more successful and happier life
  2. Better organization skills
  3. Increased self-confidence
  4. Greater sense of relaxation and lower levels of stress
  5. More positive outlook on life and themselves
  6. Improved relationships
  7. A healthier lifestyle
  8. Lessons in goal-setting and achievement
  9. Better control over emotions
  10. Increased emotional intelligence

All of the above can be achieved through natural and easy-to-follow steps. We will keep this site valuable through:

  • Continued updates to the interviews with your kids' peers, with successful teens and adults to stimulate thinking for you and your kids
  • A parents' resource center with useful articles, web thinks, periodic column on our thoughts and members only "bulletin board"
  • And of course, your kids will have continued access to a series of journals that they can use to track their progress

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