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The internet's directory of emotional intelligence resources, rated and reviewed by visitors. Includes hundreds of links to articles, courses, and events for parents, educators, and leaders.
Quality education tools for teachers, parents and students. One emphasis is extensive information on integrating "green" education into class curriculum. Another emphasis is collecting voices in an effort to improve education. We have polls, free downloads, free report card services, along with comprehensive resources on green projects, green resources, green vendors, and hundred of education based websites. We have two goals: 1) connect green vendors and schools so that schools become healthier and students become better environmental stewards and 2) provide education stakeholders with grassroots feedback about how to improve education.

Math Videos Online
Would you like to learn math by simply watching easy to understand free math videos online? Then take advantage of this video workbook, and have fun learning at your own pace!

Philly First Web Directory is completely free, human-edited and search engine friendly. Only quality sites are submitted to our directory to provide visitors with valuable resources.

A Child Birth, written by a mother having two unassisted homebirths gives loads of tips and information on how to prepare for a natural, easy and painless childbirth. You will find resources to prepare your body, mind and soul for an empowering childbirth. is a site dedicated to early learning & development for children aged 0 to 12 years old. We focus on topics such as growing up,mind development, multiple intelligence, growing up, In Class, Nutrition, EQ for Kids, etc...
By using baby sign language with your baby, you have blessed your infant or toddler by allowing the gift of earlier communication and shared mutual understanding. Talk with your baby today! You'll never forget the first time your baby signs back to you
Veteran Nanny shows you various kids activities, schedule of daily lesson plans, and a multitude of activities to keep children and babies stimulated! A MUST see for any parent or caregiver!

Mom's Home Safety
This site, written by a registered Emergency Medical Technician - Intermediate, gives loads of information (and anecdotes)on how to practice Home Safety and Injury Prevention and also provides guidelines on how to perform First Aid if things go wrong as they sometimes do.

Baby Care Help Center is the starting place to get straightforward answers to your baby care questions. Easy to understand suggestions and tips on caring for an infant. Discover different options and methods on raising a happy, healthy child.

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MasterfulKids provides resources to help families communicate and raise happy, healthy children. MasterfulKids is a complete online library and learning system for children and teens to develop emotional intelligence, become better at learning and homework, and become truly successful.<>

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