Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Why Does it Matter?

According to Dr. Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ (Bantam Books, 1995), 80% of a person’s success depends on their emotional intelligence skills.

“Emotional Intelligence has proven a better predictor of future success than traditional methods like the GPA, IQ and standardized test scores.” ( www.funderstanding.com )

Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills including:
· Self-awareness
· Mood management
· Self-motivation
· Empathy
· Managing relationships

Dr. Goleman believes these skills can be taught – contrary to IQ, which one is born with.

Emotions play a pivotal role in learning. The better one can understand and manage their emotions, the better one will pay attention in school and learn, and the higher the quality of life one will enjoy. “The ability to manage feelings and handle stress is another aspect of Emotional Intelligence that has been found to be important for success.” ( www.eiconsortium.org )

What Can a Parent Do?

Parents can play a key role in raising an emotionally intelligent child. Edutopia ( www.edutopia.org ), one of the leading organizations for EQ and learning, lists five strategies for parents:
· Be a good listener
· Model the behavior you seek
· Nurture your child’s self-esteem
· Respect differences
· Take advantage of support services

One of the best supports we can give our kids is the opportunity to practice EQ skills. Helping our kids succeed in Emotional Intelligence will help them enjoy healthy relationships, improved academic achievement and lifelong success.